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Important Safety Information


Propane is Odorized and smells like rotten eggs or a skunk like odor.


If you detect a faint odor of propane gas investigate and try to find the source, sniff around all of your equipment that runs on propane, it is usually a range burner left partially on or a pilot light that is out. If you cannot locate the source of the smell, call us (530-477-7854) for assistance.


If you smell a strong odor of propane gas when you are outdoors shut off propane gas at the tank by turning off the SERVICE VALVE (see photo below for service valve location) and call us (530-477-7854) immediately.


If you are indoors:


  • Don't touch electrical switches, light matches or use the phone inside the building.


  • Get Everyone out of the building FAST !!!!


  • Shut off propane gas at the tank by turning off the SERVICE VALVE, (see photo below for service valve location).


  • Call us from an area outside of your building where no smell of propane gas is present or from a neighbor's house.




Where to Find Us:

13121 John Bauer Avenue
Grass Valley, CA 95945

Phone: (530) 477-7854





Business Hours: 

Monday through Friday

8am to 5pm

Summer Hours:

April 14-November 14 8am to 4:00pm


24 Hour Emergency Service

Available for Current Customers:

(530) 477-7854


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